Hwatime Medical’s Spectacular Participation in the Medic East Africa (Kenya) 2023

Hwatime Medical, a prominent global provider of medical products and solutions, recently wrapped up its remarkable participation in the highly anticipated the Medic East Africa. This prestigious event, which took place from Sept 13 to 15, 2023, was the largest international medical trade exhibition in Kenya. The exhibition showcased a comprehensive range of medical products, equipment.

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The exhibition attracted a robust lineup of exhibitors from 25 countries, reflecting the growing demand for medical manufacturing products, equipment, machinery, services, and solutions in Africa. Drawing significant attendance from the medical technology industry in the East African region, the exhibition served as a platform for buyers to explore new offerings that aligned with industry trends and developments. Targeted buyers from across East Africa flocked to the event in search of innovative products, equipment, machinery, services, and solutions.

This annual exhibition stands out as the first of its kind in Africa. With overseas exhibitors accounting for 80%-85% of the exhibition, it has become a global gathering for medical industry professionals. The organizers went above and beyond to invite traders and trade groups from Central and East Africa, resulting in a high concentration of professional trade visitors from countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Somalia, Mozambique, and Zaire. In the previous edition, the exhibition boasted the participation of companies from 30 countries across Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia, making it a truly international event. An astounding number of nearly 20,000 visitors joined the exhibition to explore and make valuable purchases.

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Consideration of the market background adds further significance to Hwatime Medical’s participation in this remarkable exhibition. The East African Community (EAC), comprising Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Burundi, is in dire need of healthcare development. In 2010, these countries joined forces to establish a comprehensive market spanning a remarkable 180 square meters, designed to foster the growth of goods, labor, and capital. The population within this market reaches a staggering 142 million individuals. Recognizing the significance of healthcare, East African governments are poised to increase their investments in this sector. The Kenyan government is currently dedicating 5% of its GDP to healthcare. Government data reveals that per capita health spending has surged from $17 in 2003 to $40 in 2010—a remarkable 235% increase. Moreover, the Kenyan government formulated a twenty-year plan (2010 to 2030) to develop the country’s medical services, underscoring its commitment to the advancement of healthcare.

Hwatime Medical’s participation in the East Africa Kenya International Medical Equipment Exhibition was nothing short of exceptional. As a trusted global innovator in the medical field, Hwatime Medical showcased its cutting-edge products, advanced equipment, and innovative solutions to address the unique needs of the East African medical community. By participating in this exhibition, Hwatime Medical aimed to contribute to the region’s healthcare advancement, elevating the quality of medical services in Kenya and the broader East African region.

With the conclusion of the Medic East Africa Exhibition, Hwatime Medical commemorates the success achieved and the invaluable connections made. We remain committed to delivering exceptional quality and advanced capabilities in our mission to enhance healthcare in East Africa. Stay tuned for our next endeavors, as we continue to meet the evolving needs of the medical community and contribute to the betterment of healthcare services in this vibrant region.

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Post time: Sep-19-2023