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Central monitor is a kind of medical information equipment which is widely applied in clinical environment. Generally, it is composed of central monitoring system software and high performance hardware server. Central monitoring system can form monitoring network system together with multiple monitors. In the system, it is located in the center position of monitoring network system, and is responsible for monitoring information collection, processing, analysis and output from multiple bedside monitors to achieve centralized monitoring.

The central monitoring system can be connected with all monitors which meet the network protocol. One central monitoring system can connect max 32 bedside monitors simultaneously. On one display, it can display information of 8 bedside machines simultaneously and each bedside machine occupies 1/8 of display scope on the screen. When bedside machine number for simultaneously monitoring is more than 8, the user can select bedside machines to be displayed or connected and use dual screen display function to achieve 16 beds display once.

Central monitor can be used for fetal heart rate, fetal movement and uterine contraction intensity monitoring.

The central monitoring system can support multiple peripheral equipments, such as printer, and can output monitoring report etc.

Product Description

  • Use Ethernet topology, and reliable network protocol to support.
    • Standard configuration with connection of 8 bedside machines, and can be expanded up to 32 bedside machines.
    • Flexible configurations for wireless network connection or wired /wireless hybrid network
    • It can set patient information, display statusjead selection.wave height velocity and N旧P switch control via the central station remotely.
    • Large-screen display, which can observe waveform parameter information of 8beds simultaneously and all real-time information of a given bed or can be set as dual screen 16-bed observations
    • Chinese/English Bilingual display; sound and light double alarming The user can select whether to equip with external printer according to the requirements. (The Printer is optional equipment. If it is required by the user, please contact witly^ated dealer.)
    • It is convenient to store the data of each pati^^take review and other operation so as to file and manage cas^B conveniently.
    • Optional synchronous multiple video display 1

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