The 87th China International Medical Equipment Fair(CMEF)

Shanghai International Medical Equipment Fair, also known as China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF), is one of the largest exhibitions of medical equipment and related services in Asia. The exhibition is held in different cities in China every year, among which Shanghai is the largest and most influential one. It brings together medical equipment and medical service suppliers from all over the world, including medical equipment, ward care supplies, hospital construction, in vitro diagnostics, medical clothing, dental equipment, ophthalmic equipment and other products. The exhibition has multiple branch halls, displaying the latest medical technology and achievements. In addition, the exhibition also includes activities such as academic conferences, medical exchanges and professional training. Also, domestic and foreign medical device industry leaders gathered together to showcase the latest technologies and products and discuss the most cutting-edge medical research results. In addition, the exhibition also provides an opportunity to find business partners and promotes exchanges between the medical device industry around the world.

Shanghai CMEF not only provides a display and promotion platform for medical device and service suppliers, but also provides an opportunity for medical institutions to purchase the latest medical devices and equipment. Both exhibitors and visitors can find what they need here. In general, Shanghai CMEF is a very professional, international and academic exhibition, which provides a platform for communication, exchange and cooperation for the global medical device and equipment industry, and also provides a platform for the further development of China’s medical device industry Provided support and facilitation.

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Hwatime Medical exhibited with its three major segments: Modular monitor iHT/HT series, XM/I/H series basic patient monitor, T series fetal monitor, HT central monitoring system and other 5 series of 20 products. Hwatime Oxygen:Three series of more than 20 products, such as double-tower type oxygen concentrator, Smart oxygen system, modular oxygen, etc. Hwatime Engineering: digital operating room, purified ICU/NICU, sterile supply room, delivery room, hemodialysis room, nucleic acid testing room, fever clinic, negative pressure ward, etc.

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Post time: May-18-2023