The 31th Turkey Expodmed(Eurasia) 2024

Organized by Tüyap, Expomed Eurasia, a cornerstone event within the medical industry started at the Tüyap Fair and Congress Center in Istanbul on April 25th. Marking its 31st edition, the event serves as a hub for medical professionals to explore the latest advancements in medical devices, supplies, and healthcare. With over 700 domestic and international exhibiting companies from 25 countries, the trade show provides a platform for visitors to discover cutting-edge innovations in medical materials, devices, and technology.
The Turkish International Medical Equipment, Medical Analysis and Diagnosis, Medical Consumables, Health Care and Rehabilitation Equipment Exhibition and the Istanbul International Laboratory Technology and Equipment Exhibition are two medical-themed medical events held at the same time. It has been successfully held for many times and is the largest medical exhibition in the border area of Europe and Asia.


Spanning across 80 thousand square meters, Expomed Eurasia hosts more than 700 local and international companies and representatives, including those from Türkiye. Visitors can explore the latest offerings from nearly 1000 brands across various categories such as electro-medical equipment and technologies, orthopedics, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, consumables, disposable products, hospital build and medical facility management, and over-the-counter products.


Hwatime team also attend this exhibition to display our products – patient monitors and fetal monitor. 

Reasons for participation:
1. Market Expansion: Expanding into the Turkish market and reaching potential customers in the region.
2. Networking: Building relationships with industry professionals, potential clients, and partners.
3. Product Showcase: Showcasing new medical products and technologies to a wider audience.
4. Industry Insights: Gaining insights into the latest trends and developments in the medical field.

Impacts of participation:
1. Brand Visibility: Increasing the company’s visibility and brand recognition in the medical industry.
2. Business Opportunities: Access to new business opportunities and potential partnerships.
3. Competitive Edge: Staying updated on the competitive landscape and positioning the company strategically.
4. Market Presence: Establishing a stronger presence in the medical industry, particularly in the Turkish market.




Post time: May-30-2024