Enhancing Patient Transfer Efficiency and Information Integrity

When patients are transferred to new healthcare facilities or departments, the exchange of vital signs and data can often be a cumbersome and time-consuming process. At Hwatime, we recognize the need for seamless patient transfer and the importance of preserving accurate and complete medical information. That is why we are dedicated to developing a state-of-the-art transfer monitoring network that aims to streamline this process.
Our solution focuses on integrating continuous monitoring functionality and data integration, empowering clinicians with a comprehensive view of the patient’s condition. By seamlessly connecting monitoring devices, we enable real-time tracking of vital signs, ensuring that healthcare professionals stay informed about changes in the patient’s health status throughout the transfer.
64943Surgical patients often undergo multi-departmental transport: induction room – operating room – resuscitation room – intensive care unit/general ward. For example, during the transfer of passenger luggage back and forth, in the traditional patient transfer process, doctors face the tedious work of frequent replacement of monitors and cables, which is time-consuming and causes the interruption of monitoring data.
Hwatime transport scheme can realize the plug and play of monitoring equipment, which greatly improves the work efficiency and ensures the uninterrupted monitoring data of patients.
When the patient is transported to the operating room, the HT10 can be inserted directly into the slot of the monitor with its modular design, automatically synchronizing the patient’s identity information without re-entry; Automatically upload the transport process data, which is convenient for doctors to analyze the condition and quickly formulate the treatment plan. HT10 can also be removed immediately after surgery, without reconnecting accessories, achieving seamless monitoring and improving transport efficiency.

Post time: Jul-22-2023